Можно ли жить в России и писать англоязычную музыку? Вопрос, который чаще вызывает робкие «можно». Ну, а мы ответим немного по-другому, но зато чётче и громче – «MOGU». Да-да, «могу» – так стоит тракт...


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  • Recorded in Moscow, "Glassberry Heals" represents a long period of dogged commitment, since the album's earliest songs were first committed to tape more than two years ago. Some of the tracks resulting from that long-term diligence would - eventually - be dispatched to faraway studio technicians in places like Nashville. In short, a collection of purportedly professional songs has been gathered by six underfunded musicians from a quiet, provincial corner of Russia. There's good cause for pride. The group's line-up, mirroring the years of trial and/or tribulation, has changed so often over time that various sites trace MOGU's family tree back to different dates - to 1995 or 2002. One or two of those web venues make it clear that the financial and professional strains of a "regional" career, followed by a risky move to the capital, are what caused many changes in the MOGU team-sheet. The road has been long and hard. Hence, no doubt, the decision to sing in English. Apparently "the use of English-language texts allows 'Glassberry Heals' to operate free from any geographic constraints. That's the best way to get involved with Western musical trends."

    Far From Moscow
  • Альбом MOGU, создавался долго и кропотливо. В век, когда большинство артистов делают ставки больше на синглы, нежели на полноценные пластинки, результат труда ‘могушников’ не может не вызывать уважения. Да и вообще: англоязычные тексты, незаурядный подход к аранжировке и записи, сведение в Штатах, отличные лайвы — все говорит о том, что у команды есть ещё ого-го какой потенциал.


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