Jekka — московский музыкант и певица, которая сама называет свою музыку эклектичным электро-попом. Она исследует возможности новых технологий (посмотреть на ее интерактивный костюм, который реагирует ...


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Сентябрь 2015 Moscow Music Week showcase/Dewar's Powerhouse Выступление в рамках Moscow Music Week, шоукейс Neo-Soul/Neo-RnB
Июнь 2015 Dewar's Powerhouse/ концерт Garden City Movement Выступление в рамках вечеринки
Май 2015 Клуб RED/Концерт EMIKA разогрев
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  • JEKKA's "City of Night" Is Like 'Hostel' Meets 'Virgin Suicides' "City of Night" is the lead track off the City of Night EP by Moscow-based producer and vocalist JEKKA (Jenny Nedosekina), featuring Yura Makarychev from the Russian indie band On-The-Go. The song is about "living in a big city which devours you like some gigantic beast, like the devil who knows your weak spots," explains Nedosekina. But director Yury Chernykh took the video in a new direction, finding inspiration in teenage slasher flicks and horror movies.

    Thump Vice US
  • Evgenia Nedosekina aka Jekka is Moscow's new independent pop sensation. Her soft vocals, skillfully intertwined with beats, are perfect for dancing to or driving at night. Jekka has been releasing her music independently since 2012. Her latest EP City of Night came out earlier this year, and luckily it’s just the beginning.

    The Calvert Journal
  • It may be called "City of Night," but this track from JEKKA is no accompaniment to a night of fun and high energy. Even if you can't add the song to an ultimate night out playlist, though, its captivating musical composition and enchanting vocals make it just as mesmerizing as any foreign electro-synth track, meaning it's more than worth a listen, or several.

    Digital D jPool
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Dewar's Powerhouse China-Town-Cafe Manifest 16 Тонн Москва-Hall


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