CORTEL - это проект из Нижнего Новгорода, основанный в начале 2015 года. Минорный синтез электроники и неосоула; грув, мелодичность и высокий мужской вокал. В композициях используются этнические духов...


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  • Russian Cortel have just released their latest single on Russia’s Ezhevika Records, and it’s quite unlike anything we’ve heard before ‘She’ is a chill, mysterious tune with a pretty distinctive sound. With a strong jazz influence permeating serene electronic melodies, this is the genre fusion we never knew we needed. Cortel have just released their debut album, a compilation of each member’s previously released singles, stating that “this album became a part of us. We both contributed our personal experience in it and tried to paint something wonderful for the listeners”. Sergei is the vocalist and songwriter, and Dmitry does everything else, and they clearly work very well together if this track is any indication! The track opens with a strong emphasis on the instrumental, flowing melody with a certain twinkling charm about it. The atmosphere is mysterious and awe-inspiring and carries some really soothing vibes. We don’t know who ‘She’ is, but the song really sets itself up well for the listener to create their own story from Cortel’s sounds, part of the true Just over a minute into the track and you get some jazz-infused brass coming in which adds a really unique flair to the track. Oddly enough, the duo originally set out to create trap music, but once they sat down to work together, they realized that that was not enough of a challenge. Instead, they experimented with the fusion of jazz elements from the early/mid 20th century into their music, and the result is ‘She’. Sergei’s vocals roll into that gorgeous melody, and adds a really elegant touch to the tune. His voice is suave and sophisticated, and he delivers the lyrics beautifully! There’s a real dreamy quality from his voice mixed in with those soft jazz vibes that we just love! When asked what genre their music is, each member gives a different answer – one says IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) while the other says RnB – but either way, it’s clear these two defy classification into any one genre.

  • "You never know what to expect when you head into your notifications on Soundcloud, with an abundance of fake accounts or people trying to sell you plays and reposts, it's hard to tell what a genuine account is these days. But thankfully there is always something that restores my faith in the musiverse, and today that something is Cortel. Based in the fifth largest city in Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod, Cortel brings some deep, floating, bassy, RnB inspired beats alongside some soul shuddering ethereal vocals, mixed in with an occasional jazzy vibe. There seems to be a lot of mystique behind this musical genius, although there are unsurprising links to Soulection, and with only three tracks on their Soundcloud page there's a lot of anticipation building up for further releases. But one thing I do know is that you should grab your headphones, or turn the bass up on your speakers, press play on "You And I" and let the sounds consume you!"

  • Straight from the fifth largest city in Russia, Cortel is an interesting music project composed of two talented artists, Sergei Kashkovsky and Dmitry Tochilin. Today, we’re pleased to premiere their newest track No Way Back, which is a bundle of electronic sounds dripping with ethereal emotion and atmosphere. Jumping between ambient and psychotropic beats, this song seems to come from the future, with a sound that merges wisely soulful r&b vibes and a propulsive bass-line rhythms. Tethered by the warm tone of the voice and elegant jazzy vibes, No Way Back has a vibrant and contemporary soul that hits at first glance.

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